Coming Soon! Provincial and Territorial Buntings


Coming soon based on the success of our Canada Patriot Bunting, we will be offering buntings for each province and territory!   Like the Canadian bunting, each will be made of 300D polyester with grommets across the top for easy installation and around the bottom to prevent flapping or flipping in the wind.   Sizes include 3ft (90cm), 4ft (120cm), 5ft (150cm) and 6ft (180cm), with the height equal to half the width.


  • 3ft (90cm) at $25
  • 4ft (120cm) at $30
  • 5ft (150cm) at $35
  • 6ft (180cm) at $40

They look great in combination with each other or with the Canada Patriot Bunting!!

Ontario Bunting 6cs

Quebec Bunting 4s2

New Brunswick Bunting 3s2

Newfoundland Bunting 3s2