CP Launches ‘Christmas in Canada’ Bunting during fall sale

Christmas in Canada 150 C


On Friday, November 3, Canada Patriot will launch its new Christmas in Canada bunting during its inaugural fall sale, which features special Canada 150 discounts on its full line of summer buntings!   Save 25% off your first bunting, 30% off the second, and 35% off every other bunting!!

Christmas in Canada 150 B

The Christmas bunting is made of single layer 300D polyester with offset colour printing and grommets across the top for easy installation.Christmas in Canada Bunting 2sAdditional grommets at bottom prevent flapping or flipping in the wind.

Christmas in Canada 150 D

Prices for the Christmas In Canada bunting start at $20 for the 3ft (90cm), $25 for the 4ft (120cm) and $30 for the 5ft (150cm), (with the bunting height equal to half the width), plus HST and shipping.

Christmas in Canada 150

 Order Christmas gifts for your patriotic family and friends and save!  While supplies last!!

(Browse Canada Patriot Buntings.)

In the new year Canada Patriot will be incorporating an online shopping feature, but for now send us your order by email and be sure to include a Canada 150 Christmas Greeting!

To you and yours, have a very Merry Christmas or Happy Hanukkah!!

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