The Canadian Flag, Flag Poles, and Brackets

In the US, you’d be hard-pressed to find a single household not flying the American flag. In Canada, however, it is not so common. This discrepancy is exactly what Canada Patriot hopes to undermine – as proud Canadians, we should be displaying our patriotism on every front door. If you’re like us and you agree, feel free to check out our products, and let us help you out. 
Canada Patriot proudly offers the sale and installment of the Canadian flag, flagpoles, and brackets. Check them out below!

Canadian Flag

The Canadian flag should be flown on every doorstep! Our Canadian flag has two grommets that can be easily clipped to attach to our flagpoles.

Price: $20 + HST

Dimensions: 27″ x 54″

Colour: red and white


Our spinning, aluminum flagpoles resist twisting and will hold your flag proudly for seasons to come.

Price: $12 + HST

Dimensions: 5ft long

Colour: silver


Our heavy duty aluminum brackets are easy to install and will last a lifetime.

Price: $8 + HST

Colours: available in both white or black

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